The import configuration file contains a mapping of fields from the uploaded file ("source fields") to fields in portatour® ("target fields") and an optional user mapping configuration to assign rows to different users.

You can either download the import configuration file of an import previously performed in the user interface or write your own configuration file by customizing a template.

Downloading an import configuration file

First, perform an import in the user interface. This can either be done for a single user or for multiple users at once. To import data for a single user, log in as this user from the user list and choose "import data" under "options" > "data management". To import data for multiple users at once, open the "options" page as administrator and choose "import data" under "data management" in the company section. After performing the import, download the configuration file by choosing "configuration for import" in same "data management" panel you started the import from.

Customizing an import configuration template file

To download an import configuration template file to customize, you need to be logged in, as the configuration templates include organization specific fields.

Edit the template and go through the mapping entries. For each entry:

  • Delete it if you don't need to import the field.
  • Change the SourceFieldID property to match the column name in your import file. One column may be used for multiple mapping entries.
  • Choose an appropriate UpdateBehavior property value. This setting controls how to proceed when an existing entity is updated. When a new entity is created, the values from the import file are always used, regardless of this setting. Allowed values are:
    0Always overwrite the value of this field with data from the import file.
    1Keep the existing value of this field in portatour®.
    2Use this field as key. We strongly advise that you use the external ID field ("TargetFieldID": "HostID") as key and import an appropriate unique identifier from your system. The identifier of an entity must not change between imports. When importing users we recommend using the employee number field ("TargetFieldID": "EmployeeNumber") as key.
    3Only overwrite the value of this field if the value from the import file is greater than the value in portatour®. Supported for the following fields: LastCustomerCall (customers), LastMissedCall (customers).

Lists of all supported target fields with descriptions:

User mapping (all entities except users)

To assign rows of the import file to different users, the import file must contain a column with the email addresses or the employee numbers of the users. Choose the desired UserMappingMode. Allowed values are:

0No user mapping
1User mapping via email address
2User mapping via employee number

If you choose 1 or 2, set UserMappingSourceFieldID to the name of the column containing the email addresses or the employee numbers. The field does not need to be used in the mapping entries.

Hint: User mapping via employee number is preferred to mapping via email address, because email addresses of users might change over time.

Refreshing offline data