There are several functions you can access via a HTTPS based API to automate tasks for users of your organization. The following manual contains a technical description of these functions. If you need further assistance using the API we offer an online workshop.

All requests to the API require basic authentication using the credentials of an administrator. HTTP status codes are used to signal errors. If the code is 400 or greater, the request has failed. A detailed error description will be returned as text. If you use the API from scripts or programs, make sure to check the HTTP status code before using the result.

Additionally, error summaries are sent to the email address of the admin account used for authentication - you don't need to implement your own email alerting.

If you want to call the API from the command line or from scripts, we recommend the open-source utility curl ( To make curl return an error code in case the API call fails, set the -f parameter. Note: Since this parameter also prevents curl from returning or saving the detailed error description, we only recommend its usage in automated scripts.

Refreshing offline data