Exports reports for one or all users. In case you export reports for all users of your organization, the number of rows to export must not exceed 100,000. Otherwise the export will fail. You can limit the number of rows by using the maxPastDays-parameter to only include recent reports.

Required URL parameters
formatExport format, can be one of xlsx, xls, ods, csv, simplecsv, or xlsxtable. More information
Optional URL parameters
languageRecommended. Language used for the export. More information
Email address or employee number of the user whose reports to export. Only one may be specified. If neither userEmail nor employeeNumber is specified, reports for all users will be exported.
maxPastDaysIf set to a positive number (e.g. 7), only reports with a date not older than maxPastDays will be exported. If set to 0, only today's reports will be exported. The date used to determine which reports to export is the actual date of the report, not to be confused with the creation date. If unspecified, all reports will be exported.
exportFieldsIf specified, the export will only contain the listed fields, in the specified order. More information
Example usage with curl
curl -o reports.csv -u admin_username:admin_password "https://my.portatour.net/a/api/ExportReports?format=csv&language=en-US&userEmail=bob@example.com"

Caution: When you process exported data, don't depend on the column order. Use the column header names to access data. The order of the columns might change, e.g if new fields are added. In case your importer doesn’t support accessing field values by field name, use the exportFields parameter to specify the columns and their order.

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