Exports customers near a given location including the driving time and distance required to reach the customer from that location. The location can either be customers or the user's home location.

Required URL parameters
formatExport format, can be one of xlsx, xls, ods, csv, simplecsv, or xlsxtable. More information
Email address or employee number of the user whose customers to export. Exactly one must be specified.
Optional URL parameters
languageRecommended. Language used for the export. More information
External ID and/or Portatour ID of the customer whose surrounding customers should be exported. If neither of the parameters is specified, the user's home location will be used.
maxResultRowsIf specified, only the first maxResultRows customers will be exported.
orderBy How the customers should be ordered, can be one of time or distance. Default is time.
exportFieldsIf specified, the export will only contain the listed fields, in the specified order. More information
Example usage with curl
curl -o customers.csv -u admin_username:admin_password ""

Caution: When you process exported data, don't depend on the column order. Use the column header names to access data. The order of the columns might change, e.g if new fields are added. In case your importer doesn’t support accessing field values by field name, use the exportFields parameter to specify the columns and their order.

Refreshing offline data